The Salt Lake Climbers Alliance is Utah’s leading voice for climbing access and stewardship: uniting, educating, and inspiring climbers of all disciplines to serve their local climbing community since 2002.


The SLCA exists to provide a unified voice for climbers in the Wasatch and surrounding regions through advocacy, stewardship, community, and education.


In the spirit of community, the SLCA is dedicated to the inclusion of advocates and stewards regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, social class, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, ability, or age.  The SLCA expressly has a No Tolerance harassment policy that extends to both acts of discrimination and sexual harassment/assault.  Striving to strengthen the climbing community through the inclusion of all climbers is paramount to our mission.

What We Do

The SLCA is a volunteer organization. There is no “they” when it comes to caring for Wasatch climbing areas. YOU are the “they”. No one is going to come along and replace a bolt or fix an approach trail for you. It takes active stewardship from each of us to ensure that we can all continue to go climbing. When we organize and join together, our voice is stronger to protect Wasatch climbing. Join today and consider volunteering for one of our upcoming Adopt a Crags or attend an upcoming event to support.

The SLCA is comprised of Members, an Executive Director, a Board of Directors, and Committee Members who are supported by our sponsors, partners, and individual donors. See what we are working on below and how to engage.



Board of Directors


Executive Director


Julia Geisler

Executive Director

She feels deeply honored to represent the Wasatch climbing community and her personal connection to climbing has grown exponentially through this advocacy work.


board members

Eli Kerr.jpg


SLCA Board Member & Communications Committee Member

"The experiences I have had solo, with family and outdoor partners in the Wasatch, have contributed to a more full (filling) life. I want to make sure others get that opportunity too."

Tommy Chandler.jpg


SLCA Board Member & Communications Committee Chair

“Even though my time is limited, I feel it’s important to get involved. After 25+ years, climbing’s still my favorite thing to do. It has built deep and lasting friendships, connections with the community and the natural world. I'm proud of the work and involvement of the SLCA and our Salt Lake climbing community, and am stoked to play a small part in the process.”

Keith Luscinski.jpg


SLCA Board Member & Wasatch Anchor Replacement Initiative Committee Member

“Think about how many rock climbers there are in the Salt Lake metro area… just imagine the difference that each and every one of us could make, simply by chipping in a little bit.”

Jimmy Keithley.jpg


SLCA Board Member & Wasatch Anchor Replacement Initiative Committee Chair

“Working with individuals who are freely volunteering their valuable personal time inspires me to do the same.”

Heath Christensen .jpg

heath christensen

SLCA Board Member & communications committee

Melissa Whalen.jpg

Melissa whalen

SLCA Board Member & events Committee Chair

Mason Baker.jpg


SLCA Chair & Policy & Conservation Committee Chair

Chair of the SLCA. Mason sees the SLCA as critical in preserving the climbing experiences and friendships he’s been fortunate to enjoy—especially during a period of rapid growth in the Wasatch.

Jason Hall.jpg


SLCA Treasurer & Wasatch Anchor Replacement Initiative Committee Member

As Treasurer of the SLCA, His greatest pleasure is annoying fellow board member Jimmy Keithley by playing loud music as they rebolt Wasatch climbs.

Rick Vance.jpg


SLCA Board Member & Wasatch Anchor Replacement Initiative Committee Member

“As our public lands come under increasing pressure, and climbing continues to gain popularity, it’s vital that the local community protects, supports, and maintains those places that allow us to pursue our passion and challenge ourselves.”

DSC_0131 (1).jpg

Policy & Conservation Committee


Works with the Executive Director to guide development and review of recreational access and conservation advocacy work on public lands, including: legislative and regulatory analysis, federal land agency management, climbing policy/regulations, legislative/regulatory analysis issues, climbing management policy, raptor/climbing issues, fixed anchor policy, and climbing stewardship projects.


P/C Committee Members

Mason Baker - Chair

Jonathan Knight

Allen Sanderson

Clay Watson

David Carter

Ellen Powick

Brian Cabe

Brad Peterson

Nathan Nelson

Jason Hall

Jess Taverna

Wasatch Anchor Replacement Initiative (WARI) Committee


Works with the Executive Director to replace fixed anchors in the Wasatch consistent with best practices determined by the committee.  The committee will coordinate with the Policy and Conservation Committee to ensure that fixed anchor replacement work is consistent with applicable land management prescriptions.

WARI Committee Members

Keith Luscinski - Chair

Jimmy Keithley 

Brad Heller

Jonathan Knight

Brad Barlage

Rick Vance

James Garrett

Matt Oakley

Mary Kate Connelly

Drew Bedford

Hayden Jamieson


Communications Committee


To actively communicate the mission and values of the SLCA internally and externally so that everyone has a clear understanding of why the organization exists, speaks the same language and provides guidelines for how communicate with the public.


Communications Committee Members

Tommy Chandler - Chair

Louis Arevalo

Andy Anderson

Cody Porter

Eli Kerr

Chris Noble

Heath Christensen

Curtis McDaniel

Events/ Salt Lake Climbing Festival Committee


Works to facilitate events including the Salt Lake Climbing Festival. The Salt Lake Climbing Festival is a unique event focused on educational climbing clinics and mentorship.


Event Committee Members

Melissa Whalen - Chair

Nate Smith

Sarah Morris

Cody Porter

Nicole Passeri

Blake Summers

Terri Roth