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Dear Salt Lake Climbers,

Apply to the SLCA Board: Application

Serving on the Board of Directors of the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance is an amazing way to give back to your local climbing community and to become engaged in new ways. The SLCA has been in existence for eleven years because of the efforts made by the Board to keep the mission alive. The Board is a two year commitment at which time you may be eligible to renew your position for another two years, if desired. Serving on the Board requires active participation, and is a valuable way to get things done in your community that you would like to see happen.

The purpose of the SLCA is to maintain access, encourage environmental stewardship, and provide education and outreach to our community. Currently, the SLCA works in three committees to fulfill its mission. We ask Board members to serve on one committee; committee’s meet quarterly or as needed. If you don’t have enough time to be on the SLCA Board, joining a committee is another way to become more involved. The SLCA is constantly evolving in new ways to better serve the climbing community. We welcome new ideas and efforts to strengthen this organization and the community it serves.

  • The Policy & Conservation Committee works to maintain access through ongoing communication and active involvement with land managers. This committee also helps to plan and facilitate local Adopt a Crag events (in partnership with the Access Fund), and other stewardship projects.
  • The Fundraising & Membership Committee helps to keep funds in the bank for stewardship projects, new initiatives, general overhead (including insurance, the Executive Director salary, and paid contractors/specialists), etc. It helps to plan our yearly fundraiser as well as membership drives and other fundraising endeavors.
  • The Education & Outreach Committee works on engaging with the public, and promoting sound ethics, such as responsible gym to crag transitions at our crags. It helps to plan the now annual Craggin’ Classic (in partnership with the American Alpine Club) and keep the community informed through social media and at events.

With several Board seats currently open, the SLCA is encouraging interested members of the climbing community to apply. As current Board members fulfill their Board terms, new seats will become available on a rolling basis. New Board members will be brought on as appropriate to fulfill the needs of the organization. We invite you to apply to the Board with the application below and submit it to SLCA Executive Director, Julia Geisler, at


Thank you for your interest in serving your climbing community,

Julia Geisler and the SLCA Board


SLCA Board Application



Contact Info:

  • Why do you want to be on the SLCA Board? How can you help the SLCA fulfill its mission?
  • Please check the following skills you may bring to the SLCA:

__Graphic Design            __Accounting                    __Trail Design Expertise              __Non-profit Experience

__Marketing                      __Enthusiasm                   __Volunteer Coordination           __Video Editing

__Photography                 __Copy Editing                  __Blog Writing/Web Content     __Fundraising Experience

__Event Coordination    __Legal Expertise            __Sponsorship Contacts                 __Interest as SLCA Administrator

__Interest in Tabling at Events and Gyms             __Familiar with NEPA and working with the USFS

  • Board members are asked to serve on a SLCA Committee. Which Committee would you be interested in serving on and what goals would you be interested in accomplishing in this Committee?
  • We ask that Board members attend quarterly Board meetings which are scheduled three/four months ahead of time for weeknights (usually 6-8pm). Committees meet when needed, which is about four times a year and maybe more if an event is coming up. Would you be able to attend and actively participate in these meetings and take on action items?
  • We ask that Board members attend and volunteer at our main events including the annual fundraiser in the spring, part  of the Craggin’ Classic in the fall, and at least one Adopt a Crag during spring, summer, or fall. Participation in other events like membership drives, movie nights, and smaller fundraisers is appreciated, but not expected. Do you have time for this commitment?

Please send this application to

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