Gate Buttress Climbing Trail Access Work Resumes for the Fall

Gate Buttress Climbing Trail Access Work Resumes for the Fall

October 10th, 2018

By: Lindsay Anderson, SLCA Field Coordinator

The SLCA is excited to announce that we have hired the professional trail crew, Single Track Trails, once again to work with us to steward climbing access trails at the Gate Buttress this October. Work will include improving the climbing access trail to the Dihedrals. The work is part of a greater plan to improve access and aging hardware at the newly leased property. Read more here.

Climbing started at the Gate Buttress in the 1960’s and since that time climbers have been picking their way through a maze of trails to their objectives. What most climbers may not realize is that the Gate Buttress is privately owned. In order to confine our corridor of impact on the land, we will be constructing one solid, sustainable approach to the Dihedrals this month.

Work will include hardening steep sections of trail with stone staircases and retaining walls. In order to ensure we are not causing unnecessary damage to the surrounding area and to preserve the health of the crew, we frequently use a high-line to move heavy rocks and we use drills to shape and cut stone. Please check signage at the Gate Buttress Parking Lot to have a better understanding of where the crews are working and what sorts of hazards to look out for. At times the approach to the Dihedrals may be closed and for your own safety, please respect these closures as the high line may be running. Please also respect restoration signs and closed areas as these “zones” have been considered redundant in the network of trails and need an absence of foot traffic in order to recover.

The crews can definitely use some helping hands if you are out climbing, so don’t be afraid to offer to volunteer for an hour or two. We hope to see you out there at the October 20th Adopt-a-Crag to get a first-hand experience in what it feels like to steward your wild places and engage with your community. Sign up at our website here, and be sure to say hi to us out on the trail!

More about Lindsay Anderson:

Originally from the state of Montana, I’ve spent the last 8 years working on trails primarily in the western half of the United States. This will be my fourth year specifically working on climbing access. A niche I found aligns best with my recreation habits and a technical skill set I find to be the most engaging.  Working with the Access Fund as part of their conservation team for 2 years has given me a better understanding of what climbing communities are facing across the country. We are extremely fortunate to have such an active and motivated community here in Salt Lake and it has been a privilege to join you in protecting these areas as the SLCA’s Field Coordinator at the Gate Buttress Project.

Photos by Vikki Glinskii

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