Joes Valley Adopt a Crag

Joes Valley Adopt a CragOctober 9th, 2016

In conjunction with the Joes Valley Festival, Sunday morning was set aside for the Adopt a Crag in Joes facilitated by the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance. The morning started with a meet up at the Castle Dale Rec Center. Donuts and coffee were provided by the Food Ranch and were greatly appreciated since we had an early start at 8AM. After a brief pep and safety talk, we regrouped at the New Joes port-a-potty and kiosk.  Matt Blocker from the BLM and Jessy from the Forest Service also joined us there. There was an average of about four groups of eight and the goal was to clean up campsites in the New Joes area. At New Joes Camp, Transformer Camp, 9 Mile Camp, Canadian Camp, and Power Line Camp, ash was removed from fire pits to prevent camp sprawl, unwanted fire pits were dispersed, camp sites were delineated with rocks gum dropped in the perimeters, and trash and micro trash was picked up. This included a couch (with underwear and rats living in perfect harmony in it), a propane grill, a bike frame and tables (most of this we hope was left by non-climbers). There was enough trash to fill a small dumpster.

Our afternoon was cut short by an accident unrelated to the cleanup, however, all in all, there seemed to be a great deal of work done and this increasingly popular camping area of Joes was in far better condition when we finished. Our time with the BLM was enjoyable as always and our relationship continues to strengthen with the land managers to continue to protect this sensitive area.

Sadly, as we were leaving, there was a group of ten young kids -"climbers" from Texas who were setting off fireworks. They were firmly reprimanded and got an earful. This only reiterated to us the need for further education, especially to the younger generation. We are all only guests and these precious areas deserve our respect. 

By: SLCA Board Member, Jimmy Keithley Cover Photo by Savannah Cummins

img_0975 History lessons on the Emery County area and climbing History. img_0919 Chicken chase. Before Noah got kicked by a calf img_0947 Noah Bigwood Benjamin, and Noah K. Disperse a fire pit in the middle of a road img_0951 Dudes img_0958 Kathleen and Sundev pick up 50+ cans from one spot img_0975 After img_0987 Reclaiming a pit img_0988 A crew img_0989 A couch full of rats and underwear and a gas grill img_0991 Thousands of pieces of glass at this campsite that Zoe sifted through

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