Ruth Lake Adopt a Crag Re-cap

On July 29th The Evanston Forest Service (USFS), Blake Summers, Julia Geisler, and Jason Cazier met at Ruth Lake to prepare for the following days event, the Ruth Lake Adopt a Crag 2016. The group worked into the evening staging rocks and planning logistics. The following day, 25 volunteers arrived to do stewardship work and show support for the SLCA. White Pine Touring provided bagels for the volunteers and the Samak Country Store and Smokehouse provided the coffee. Between 10am and 3pm, the volunteers, USFS, and crew leads worked tirelessly to enhance and preserve the Ruth Lake trail. Lunch was provided by the American Alpine Club and brews by Moab Brewery.

The second stream crossing was addressed. 40 feet of tread was armored and a stone bridge was constructed.

The last section of approach trail to the Good Medicine Wall was improved and the great retaining wall on the west end stairs was continued.

Overall the day was a huge success with over 175 volunteer hours being put in and high priority projects getting done. The relationship between the USFS Evanston District and the SLCA continues to strengthen.

By: Blake Summers

RL Adopt a Crag recap

ruth lake before after bridge