Ruth Lake Adopt a Crag Recap

Ruth Lake Adopt a Crag RecapSeptember 5, 2015 On September 4, 2015 Joe McFarlane (USFS), Eric McEwen (USFS), Stuart Johnson (SLCA volunteer), Anthony Russo (SLCA volunteer), and Blake Summers (SLCA Trail Crew Lead and AAC volunteer) met at the Ruth Lake trailhead at 1pm to prepare for the following days event, the Ruth Lake Adopt a Crag Day 2015. The group worked until approximately 5pm staging rocks and planning logistics.Thousands of pounds of rock were moved with the Come Along.

The following day, 30 volunteers arrived to do stewardship work and show support for the SLCA. Between 8am and 2pm, the volunteers, USFS, and crew leads worked tirelessly to enhance and preserve the Ruth Lake trail and staging area.

The first stream crossing along the Ruth Lake Trail was addressed. Thirty feet of tread was armored and a stone bridge was constructed.

The first stone stairs along the Ruth Lake climbing access trail were finished and the eroded slope adjacent was rip-rapped.

The stone stairs at the west end of the Good Medicine Wall were addressed. The great retaining wall was begun and the first flight was saved.

Overall the day was a huge success with over 175 volunteer hours being put in and 3 out of the 4 high priority projects getting done. The relationship between the USFS Evanston District and the SLCA continues to strengthen. As Joe McFarlane explained to the volunteers, the Ruth Lake and Stone Garden Trails have been added to the Forest Service system because of our efforts at Adopt a Crags over the past few years. This means maintenance on these areas will continue to happen with support from the SLCA and the USFS and these climbing areas will remain open and protected for and by climbers.

Thanks to the Access Fund for the goodies and ongoing support, The Samak Store for the much needed coffee and nachos, Moab Brewery for the celebratory beers, and all of SLCA's supporters who make Adopt a Crags possible.