Attention Poptire Cave and Ogden Climbers!

Attention Poptire Cave and Ogden Climbers! From our friends at HawkWatch International (HWI)... the Golden Eagles that nest near the Poptire Cave have settled on their nest site. Luckily, the nest they have chosen this year is on the other side of a large ridge, out of sight of the cave, and very unlikely to be disturbed by anyone climbing at the cave, so the voluntary closure can be lifted at this time.

Ogden Climbers: Peregrine Falcons have been seen establishing a nesting territory on the Schoolroom Cliff. While the exact location of the nest site is unknown, please use these birds' behavior as your guide so as not to disturb them when visiting this area. A falcon flying back and forth and calling repeatedly is telling you that you are in its territory, and may be disturbing its nest! If you notice defensive behavior from a raptor, please report it to SLCA or Hawkwatch ( so that we can let other climbers know which areas to avoid. Self-regulation preserves access!

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Julia Geisler