Division Wall gets a make-over!

The Division Wall in American Fork Canyon got a make-over this Saturday, but it was no day at the spa for the 30 volunteers who came out to improve this climbing area. Big muscles were flexed to move thousands of pounds of rock to stabilize the eroding belay areas at the Division Wall. The SLCA, Forest Service, and Access Fund Conservation Crew teamed up for this project. Division Wall make-over STATS 245 volunteer hours 9 steps 4 water bars 4 rock retaining walls 6 staging areas improved 3 social trails closed 1 main trail improved Thanks to all the volunteers who opted out of a day of climbing to work on this crag. When climbers show we are environmental stewards of our climbing areas, it protects access for all. Volunteer at the next Adopt a Crag August 23rd at Ruth Lake in the Uintas by signing up today to volunteer your time and energy to help protect climbing access and the environment where you love to climb.