Echo Canyon Closure Until 2nd Saturday of April

HEADS UP if you are planning to climb in Echo Canyon - be aware of closures.

"The main reason for the seasonal closure on the Henefer-Echo WMA is to protect wintering big game wildlife populations (primarily deer and elk) from disturbances during the winter months. When the animals are disturbed during this period of time, it can cause the animals to use up more of their fat reserves and, depending upon the winter, it can contribute to them not surviving the winter.

That being said, the cliffs along the frontage roads along I-80 and I-84, are used by nesting golden eagles, peregrine falcons and other raptors which could be disturbed by climbers in the vicinity.

To clarify, the entire property is annually closed Jan. 1 to the second Saturday in April.”

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

The SLCA is in communication with the DWR for future management of the climbing resource. Please respect closures to maintain the access we do enjoy.