Wasatch Anchor Replacement Committee Members to Attend Future of Fixed Anchors Conference on April 2nd - JOIN US!

SLCA's Wasatch Anchor & Bolt Replacement Committee (WARI) members will be attending this Future of Fixed Anchors Conference in Red Rocks to collaborate on how to address bad bolts and anchors. You can attend too! TICKETS DETAILS:

Join your friends at Access Fund and Petzl for a two day conference on the future of fixed anchors in the U.S.

The fixed anchor environment is very different than it was in 2012, when we last hosted a Fixed Anchor Conference. The National Park Service issued their policy for wilderness, Access Fund released its Fixed Anchor Resource Center, and Local Climbing Organizations across the US are accomplishing safe & sustainable replacements at some of our most beloved climbing destinations.

It's high time to gather the community again and discuss the pressing issue of fixed anchor in the US. Join us during the day for panel discussions and party with us in at the Red Rock Rendezvous in the evenings.

Weekend Overview: Thursday March 31st, Origin Climbing And Fitness, 7:00pm - 10:00pm: Happy hour with Southern Nevada Climbers Coalition at the Libby Sauter Slideshow + Access Fund Member Drive.

Friday April 1st, Bonnie Springs Ranch, 8:30am-5pm: Future of Fixed Anchors II Conference

Saturday April 2nd, Spring Mountain Ranch Pavillion, 8:00am-12:30pm: Demonstrations: Hardware & Techniques