Grit Mill & Climbing Master Plan Project Update

Dear Interested Party, This document replaces the Decision Notice and FONSI for the Grit Mill and Climbing Master Plan Project that was originally signed on September 8, 2014.  The wording in section 4.3.(a) was reworded to reflect a change in how the parking and restroom facilities would be managed in relationship to seasonal weather conditions, staffing and budget.

The decision to authorize staged implementation of the Proposed Action (Alternative 2) remains unchanged beyond that noted above and consists of the Grit Mill removal and parking area development, climbing access trail development, and roadside parking management. To address public safety and to mitigate potential impacts to neighboring residents, within the scope of Forest Service decision authority, projects are required to be implemented in in the following stages:


  1. First Stage - Remove the existing Grit Mill and stabilize and revegetate the site. This may occur once all required mitigation measures are in place and stabilization/revegetation plans have been prepared.  In authorizing the removal of the Grit Mill, I am also authorizing the Forest Service to implement the conditions agreed to in the signed MOA with the Utah State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).
  2. Second Stage – Trails projects.  Trail projects, not dependent upon the planned new parking area and trailhead, may commence once all mitigation measures are in place. Closure of non-sustainable routes may commence immediately.
  3. Third Stage - Construct a new parking area and trailhead. Prior to the construction of the parking area and trailhead, a highway ingress/egress plan must be completed and approved by UDOT. I am requiring that funding must be secured for both the parking area and trailhead and the highway design features before any work on the parking area and trailhead is initiated. Both projects must be implemented concurrently, or the parking area could be constructed after the UDOT approved highway design features are implemented.

Note – If funding is not secured for the implementation of the non-Forest Service components (i.e. the State highway ingress/egress design), I authorize the implementation of Alterative 3 roadside parking management and climbing access trail development on NFS lands.  Trail projects to connect the existing core trails to the new parking area can be constructed during the same construction period as the parking area and trailhead.

  1. Forth Stage – Once construction of parking area and trailhead is imminent, the Forest Service will, in formal letters to UDOT and UPD, request that parking along SR 210 near the project area be eliminated.

We would like to thank all those who participated in this process for their input and a special thanks to our many partners who provided resources and support! Implementation may occur as soon as all required mitigation measures have been met.

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