Liberty Mountain: Stewards of LCC

This week, a volunteer crew from the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance and staff from Liberty Mountain conducted a graffiti cleanup in an area of Little Cottonwood Canyon called the Swamp. This zone hosts many classic lines including one of the canyon’s hardest, Eclipse V13. Vandals continue to tag boulders, structures, trees and vegetation in the area, and the SLCA is doing it’s part to try to remove the graffiti as quickly as possible. Graffiti was scrubbed on Moon Rock, the Top Rope Boulder, the Bog Boulders and the Pipeline Boulder.

Please help by donating to the SLCA to help pay for the resources to continue to keep our canyons clean and CALL UPD to report vandalism in the act.

DONATE HERE UPD #:801.743.7000 By: Nathan Smith Liberty Mountain